Nail Treatment


With 4 brands of polish to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect colour for you!

Nails are shaped and soaked in a bowl to soften cuticles, which are then pushed back and tidied. Hand and arm massage is performed followed with nails painted with the choice of colour chosen.
Both feet are soaked in a bowl filled with warm water and bubbles. One foot at a time, the nails are cut to shape and a foot mask is massaged in to the skin and cuticles. The foot is placed back in the bowl and the same is repeated on the next foot. Cuticles are then pushed back and tidied followed by hard skin removal and foot scrub. Same is repeated on next foot. A foot and leg massaged is performed followed by nails painted to the clients choice of colour.
Nails are filed to shape and painted with colour of choice.
Shellac is the original power polish, lasting 14 days chip free. Dries instantly allowing you to carry on with your daily routine and chores. It is hypo-allergenic and 3- free. 4 layers of Shellac are applied to the nails, a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat, each coat being placed under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. After the top coat, the nails are wiped with a cleanser, leaving a brilliant shine. The treatment is then completed with Solar Oil being massaged in to the cuticles. With over 50 colours to choose from including French Manicure and more constantly being added, you can always have your nails a different colour. After 2 weeks the Shellac will be ready to be removed professionally. Each nail is soaked with a nourishing remover and wrapped in foil for 5 minutes and is removed ready for the next set of Shellac to be applied.
Performs like gel, Applies like polish. Choose from a range of over 30 colours, and enjoy up to 3 weeks of gorgeous shiny nails. Each layer is set under UV light for 2 minutes, dries instantly after the last layer of Gelish is set and is wiped over with a cleanser allowing you to carrying on with daily routines. When ready to be removed, it is soaked off using a nourishing remover. The removal process takes 10-15 minutes and then is ready to be applied again.
A combination of pedicure and the choice of Gelish or Shellac is applied to toes. The pedicure is performed first, to tidy the nails and remove hard skin, followed by the application of Gelish or Shellac.
This treatment is fantastic for the summer and for people who suffer from hard skin on the soles of their feet. You can choose to have this treatment as it comes or to include it in with a pedicure. The Callus Peel is a wrap which is applied to the areas of hard skin. Left to do its work for 10-15 minutes, the product is soaked into the skin, which softens it allowing it to be removed using a special tool, peeling away the hard skin which is then followed by buffing of the area leaving soft new skin. A moisturiser is applied to the feet to help keep the skin soft. For great results, this treatment needs to be repeated every 3-4 weeks, whilst in between treatments the feet need to be maintained by yourself to get the full benefit.

Tinting Treatment


Keeping the eyes closed, your choice of colour tint is applied to the lashes for 10-15 minutes tinting the top and bottom lashes at the same time. Having your lashes tinted gives the effect that your lashes are longer and darker which defines the eyes. Great for holidays around the pool or if you’re just fed up of having to wear mascara everyday.
This is a great way to define your eyebrows and to make them look thicker if there isn’t many hairs there. Many clients are surprised at what a difference it makes to their face once they have tried this treatment.

Waxing Treatment


Ankle to above the knee
Ankle to top of thigh
The underarm area
Includes the fingers and hand, to just above the elbow
From fingers to the top of the arm
The area that is shown when wearing a bikini and slightly inside the knicker line
All hair is removed apart from a strip at the top
All hair is removed from front to back
Defines eyebrows and opens up the eye area
Remove the hair from the top lip area
Remove the hair from below the lips including under the chin
Any extra areas including toes, side of face, or tummy


Removing of the hair using only cotton thread.
Removing of the hair using only cotton thread.
Removing of the hair using only cotton thread.